TAKO_ Boat/ Modeling : Shade9basic / Rendering : Vue6 / by Kei_O

My 3D-CG history.....

I was using Mac Quadra900/68040/25 MHz/RAM16MB, when CG was begun.
I thought that I wanted to introduce CG, in order to perform the presentation of an industrial commodity. However, many problems, such as insufficient memory and an error, occurred.Then, I purchased Radius81/110 immediately.
I did not have an opportunity to be engaged in work of CG for several years after it. However, in recent years, the performance of hardware improved remarkably.
And powerful PC was put on the market one after another.
Taking advantage of the purchase of "iMac-G5/1.6GHz", I planned to "Challenge CG again."
By evolution of hardware software, I continue to expect that a much more good work can be created.


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My machines :
MacPro 2009 2.66GHz "8Core" 48GB HD6870
HP Z400 2.66GHz 12GB
MacBook Pro 2009 2.66GHz 4GB

Modeling :
Shade 11/13 basic (modeling + obj export)

Assembly and finish :
Vue infinite

The object which I make.

The object which I don't make.
Car,Human,Animal......etc....(Shince the good object is already sold.)

E-Mail address


Please send a message to the upper mail address.

Please ask by e-mail also about model sale.
The riquest of a next work model.The reason you love the model.
(However,except the model of a car and a human being.)