gpic.jpg B747-400 / Modeling : Shade9basic / Rendering : Vue6 / by Kei_O

CG Works Gallery

Welcome to my gallery!
The art gallery of an airplane, military one, and scenery exists.
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187.jpgAirplane CG
hind000001.jpgMilitary CG
fuukei00.jpgScenery CG

This is an entrance to an art gallery.

Airplane CG


For us, flying in the sky is yearning.
And her beautiful body created in order to fly in the sky continues
charming us.....


Military CG


The rough design which specialized in being arms.....
"The refined functional beauty" is felt from the body from which the ornament which is not useful was removed.
So, a military CG model is a genre which is popular from
"practice of modeling" to "precise CG model work."


Scenery CG


Vue6 is CG software which specialized in scene creation."The nature and the scenery" which was difficult to express until now can be beautifully pictured on PC screen.


CG Animation

cgmovie.jpgCG Animation

Pleasure which produces a work by myself.....
Work of CG animation takes much time.
However, your PC has an infinite possibility.