About MQMC

MQMC(Middle Quality Model Club) is the site where we offer you a lot of objects and enjoyment.

The MQMC models may not be of super-high quality.
However, we supply "good-looking objects" at a low price.

MQMC wishes you more creative activities.

The reason which is middle.....

heavy poly.....hummm.....

Reason 1 The size and the ratio of thing are not reproduced correctly.
Reason 2 Interior is not expressed (cockpit etc.).
Reason 3 A door does not open. In practice, the portion which should operate is not expressed.
Reason 4 There are many useless polygons and they are very heavy. It may not be suitable for animation.
Reason 5 The processing to a texture which soils the surface is not enough.
Reason 6 Depending on the angle which looks at an object, it may not be alike as compared with a real model.
Reason 7 There is no product support.


Saving of "Polygon" is an important subject.


Mesh of Mi-24.
It is formed of about 1,300,000 polygon. The useless polygon should be eliminated further.

Useless portion is made......


I know that it is meaningless to carry out the modeling of the small component. I also know that those acts will increase the
number of polygons.....


However, I like making "detailed model".....

Invitation to "Digital Miniature Garden".....


How to enjoy "Digital Miniature Garden" is various. And it not only makes a still picture, but it can make animation. But, under the present circumstances, even if it is short animation, much time is needed. However, the time when you yourself can make a short story drama easily will be realized in the near future.....

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